The Kef Q900 Speaker Review


The Kef Q900 Speaker :

“One of the Best Sounding
Floorstanding Speakers
on the Market Today”

The Kef Q900, through ingenious and painstaking engineering by KEF, is a speaker that is far superior to others  in the same price range. The Kef Q900 in some respects is a technical marvel that derives much of its technology from Kef’s blade series of speakers.

Let me begin this review by saying I’m not an audiophile. I’m just your average person who’s infatuated with creating a cinema experience at home. Therefore, in this review I’m not going to delve into a lot of techno-babble. If you’re the type that likes to drool over all the technical features, then feel free to take a look at the specifications page on this site or you can hop over to www.hometheater.com for their review and you can see the various sound measurements.

The only technical thing I will comment on with the Kef Q900 speaker is that it uses a very unique driver/tweeter configuration that is worth commenting on. KEF calls it a Uni-Q array and every speaker in the Q series employs it.  So what makes this unique? Well most speakers segregate the tweeter and mid range driver. KEF has managed to engineer a speaker that places the tweeter right in the acoustical center of the mid range driver. The theory behind this is that this will create a more unified sound than with a typical speaker configuration.

I broke in the Q900s  for about a month before I tested them. To test out the sound quality of the speakers I used the Transformers 2 disc special edition blu ray movie.  I combined the Kef Q900 with a Q600 Center, Q400 sub and Q300 surrounds all powered by an Onkyo 606 receiver.  As soon as the movie started I knew I was in for a treat. When Optimus Prime’s bombastic voice began the narration at the beginning of the movie the speakers immediately grabbed me and didn’t let go. The bass was full and powerful but it wasn’t over bearing. Just to really get  a feel for the bass of the Kef Q900s I disconnect the sub woofer halfway through the movie just to see how much of  difference there was with or without the sub. Although there was a perceivable difference, it wasn’t much. The Kef Q900s were able to produce more than satisfactory bass levels.  The movie sounds blended seamlessly from the center channel to the Kef Q900 speakers and the 900s managed to fill my small 15′ x 20′ home theater room with sound. The advantage of the Uni-Q array on these speakers is that in theory, both the tweeter and mid-range driver are in precise focus which in turn creates a wider sound dispersal that’s not achievable with a typical speaker configuration. Based on what I heard, I can’t argue with KEF’s theory. The sound was so full that I literally felt like I was in the final battle scene that takes place at the end of the movie. As a testament to all the Q speakers that were in my test setup, I could not actively pinpoint with any degree of accuracy which speaker the sounds were coming from. This to me, is the sign of an excellent speaker system. The mid-range sounds from the Kef Q900 were full and crisp, but not muddy. The highs seemed a little bright to prior to breaking them in. At first I was concerned that the aluminum drivers could be the culprit and that this would be  a problem however, after the initial break in period they warmed up considerably.

I did not test these with music, but based on what I heard with the transformers blu ray, I’d be shocked if these didn’t perform just as well with music. If I do test these speakers with music I will add on to this review. Overall, I’d give the Kef Q900 a thumbs up. I was thoroughly impressed by the rich full sounds they produced and they would make a fine addition to any home theater.

Sony and Samsung Unveil Tablet PCs with IR Function


Sony and Samsung recently unveiled new Tablet PCs with IR sensors. This could usher the end of the universal remote as we know it since many tablets now have apps capable of controlling all of your home theater systems.

Dolby Announces Dolby Digital Plus for HBO Go


Dolby announced that Dolby Digital Plus will be available for HBO Go shows. Dobly Digital Plus is an audio format that offers 7.1 surround sound. Typically, this has been only available on Blu-ray. Initially, this will only be available when streamed thru the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

Google TV Making a Comeback


LG, Sony and Vizio have announced plans to produce products that include Google TV. Google TV was an attempt to create a unified environment for streamed content, broadcast and prerecorded DVR features. However, the service fell flat due to a non-intuitive interface. Both LG and Vizio are introducing TVs that include the service and Sony is introducing a blu-ray player and a network media player.

Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player


Sony’s upcoming streaming player will give users access to popular apps such as Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus and YouTube. According to Sony the SMP-N200 will be able to stream content in Full 1080p HD as well as 3D and have built in WiFi. If you prefer to use your iphone or android phone as a remote, the Sony SMP-N200 will also have a free app available for both that will turn your mobile device into a remote control. Additionally, the N200 will have HDMI, composite, USB and component outputs.

URC MXW-920 Water Resistant Remote

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URC announced a new water resistant remote, the MXW-920, at the 2011 Cedia show. The IR/RF one way remote is can be easily programmed thru your PC similar to the URC MX-900. This fluid and slick remote is great for outdoor use by the pool or tub. It has a suggested MSRP of $449.95.

The VidaBox


VidaBoxAre you looking for a way to archive your blu rays or dvds? The vida box may be the solution you’re looking for. It allows you to archive and browse your Blu-ray and DVD movies, store and play music CDs, record and watch favorite TV shows, create animated slide shows, plus stream Netflix and other internet video content to your tv or ,thru the use of extenders, to other tvs in your house. If you require more storage for your collection the vida box offers a RAID6 storage device which can hold up to 10, 890 DVDs or 2,640 Blu-rays.

TiVo Announces Premiere Elite


Tivo Premiere Elite

TiVo announced plans to release the TiVo Premiere Elite to a store near you. The Premiere Elite will have a quad tuner Seireis 4 DVR with 2TB of storage (roughly 300 hours of HD programming) built in. The price for the Elite will be $499 (plus service). The high end box will be  THX certified and works with most cable services, but not satellite. The hi-definition box will connect users to TiVo’s online partners such as netflix, hulu plus, blockbuster onDemand, and Amazon instand video.

Kef Blade Series

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The famed Kef Blade Series. The blade series made an impressive appearance at the 2011′s CEDIA show. The same technology that was used for this revolutionary line of speakers has also made its way into the Kef Q Series (which includes the Kef Q900) as well as the new R series.

Sony Announces New 4K Projector


sony-PL-VW1000esSony has just announced the release of a new 4K projector called VPL-VW1000ES. This projector will have a 4K resolution which is 4x the resolution of a standard HD projector. It will also supposedly have a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1. It’s scheduled to go on sell during the 2011 holiday season. No price has been released yet.

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